Coaching with Pernilla


Coaching 1 on 1

  • Pernilla begins with a FREE initial consult (30 Minutes) gaining a brief detail about areas you’re needing support in, whether that is with your sport, business, or other areas of your life for her THRIVE COACHING PACKAGE. She wants to have a strong connection with anyone she works with and also wants to ensure her services are an appropriate fit for you.
  • Coaching begins with an initial (approximately) 1 hour phone session to determine plan of action to support transformations.
  • Pernilla’s work is grounded in neuropsychology, energy, and science.
  • Coaching is then followed by FOUR 30-45 minute sessions. Sessions are strategically scheduled according to your life/sport events to further ensure elevated shifts of the mind to support successful experiences.
  • Contact is maintained via text messaging between sessions to support her clients.

Retainer Package

Many clients choose to continue on-going work with Pernilla through her RETAINER PACKAGE.


Online Trainings to be Announced Soon

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