Hi, I'm Pernilla.

I help female athletes of all levels,

pro and non-pros,

achieve the very results they dream of,

 who are tired of settling for less than what they know they can achieve in sport and life. 

Are You Ready For Your Life To Change?


"Dr. Pernilla Nathan is the talent and vision of Equipsy Performance and I want to take a moment to recognize how she has changed my life. Not only is Dr. Nathan constantly challenging me to look beyond my personal boundaries but more so to expand and grow into my goals. She continues to help me realize the power we have to believe in ourselves and push through the discomforts that bring so much growth and strength. When I first started working with Dr. Nathan I had a fear of being in the show ring and making a rash decision that could end up hurting my horse, I found that fear was debilitating enough to make me freeze up and void my true passion, with is the connection with the horse. Since discovering this fear and continuing to work through it, I have change in the show ring and have become, what I feel, is a much more confident rider and always striving to be the best partner I can be for my horse. It's not easy to try and understand fears, nor to work through them, but Dr. Nathan has given me the power to feel empowered to work through them. For that, I am forever grateful and cannot speak highly enough of her and her work." Helen Pollock, LifeEquestrian




"I started working with Pernilla to overcome fears that I had, and she's totally changed my life. I thought our work would only focus on my riding and showing, but it's gone beyond: into my work performance, and into other personal areas of my life. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found her, I've learned so much." LS

Life Is Too Short To Let Something Like Your Anxiety Keep You From Achieving Your Goals and Dreams.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Call Me.

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It Honestly, Does Not Have to be That Hard. 

With Pernilla's coaching, you'll learn how to optimize your brain, use your heart's intelligence, and your intuition to get surprising results.

Pernilla's work is established in neuroscience and ground breaking work in peak performance psychology. With her doctorate degree in Psychology, she has had years of experience that she draws upon in helping her client's elevate and expand their potential.


She helps to heal "old" ways of walking in this world, by focusing on scientifically proven techniques to change your neurochemistry.

Her passion to help others achieve their greatest dreams, is felt in all her clients. Her knowledge and unique expertise is sure to inspire you to overcome your greatest fears and live an abundantly full life.  

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