Life or Performance Coaching: Who to Work With?

coaches coaching industry healers Sep 05, 2022

Let's get real and talk about the coaching industry. I believe if you're not educated, how can you make an informed decision. The coaching industry including the psychology world has taken some interesting turns throughout its existence. Both worlds are overly saturated, with various degrees and specialties.

Some would say that the coaching world has taken a terrible turn. I think with any world, it's just about being informed. Coaching has been an incredible tool that has helped some of the most amazing public figures including Oprah, Steve Jobs, Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise to the likes of LeBron James and Tom Brady excel into their success. That's quite a lineup. Included in this lineup are notable equestrians: Anne Kurinski, Mclain Ward, Jennifer Gates, and Adrienne Sternlicht.

Coaching is the behind-the-scenes secret, that few talk about. I see athletes who don't want to share that they're being coached, and or amazing coaches who hesitate to share their work because of the suspicious looks.

Coaching is controversial, only because there is not much transparency around it. Also, like many other markets, you have individuals who proclaim results with a specific specialty (e.g. sports, business, entrepreneur), but have never been or achieved results as an athlete or entrepreneur. Consequently, providing empty promises such as giving you results of record wins or taking your business to 50K by next week. Additionally, the other controversy regarding coaching is that many coaches don't obtain either formal education or real-life experience. How do we establish a credibility framework? Or do we?

As a consumer, as with all things before you purchase, your due diligence is necessary to identify your needs and finding the coach that will confidently help you achieve your goals. Not all coaching is created equal. And not all self-proclaimed coaches know what they're doing. And it lands on you to find a suitable match. I say this, being a consumer myself. I have sat on both sides and still do.

I have questioned even how I find my coaches/healers. Do I have a framework or do they just meet my “gut instinct” standards? Well, honestly it depends on the situation and what my needs are in that very moment. I will be honest and true, because I just argued that there is no transparency and there needs to be. I work currently with 4 different healers (that doesn’t count the ones I’ve worked with in the past), 2 business consultants/coaches in the past, and the numerous amounts of books, online trainings, and online courses I have taken. Not to mention the years I dedicated to my degrees. I think there is incredible value in working with experts who can help you navigate life. For each one I work with, I have chosen to work with them based on if their “expertise” matches my “needs” and “criteria.” Sometimes, I have wanted them to have a specific degree and other times a “specific” life experience.

Here are 8 questions I ask myself and would encourage you to consider before working with someone:

  1. First what am I struggling with and is this coach in this niche?

  2. Are they credible (Do your research!)?

  3. Does this person speak your language (Do you vibe with them)?

  4. Do they have something to offer you that makes you excited to work with them?

  5. Are you “available” to work with them? Do you have the time to fully immerse yourself to fully expand?

  6. Do they bring something “new” to my life and “expand” me to open myself to new ideas/experiences?

  7. Are your expectations and their expectations for your goals in alignment?

  8. And lastly, does your “gut” say “yes!?”

These are questions for you to consider the next time you look for your coach. Everyone I have ever worked with has had credibility, whether that is in a form of a degree or having worked under mentors who have expanded their gifts. Ultimately, I don’t think you can “ever” lose working with someone. At the end of the day, I always believe we learn something new from each other and others. The human experience is incredibly valuable and choosing to work with someone is personal, no matter your reasons. Ultimately, even if the “coaching” world is crazy busy and you don’t always know who to work with, just breath. And then decide where your gut leads you. I have never regretted working with coaches and experts, because the growth has always been exponentially invaluable. Maybe not always in the moment, but it always pays for itself amazingly and the value returned is beyond that I could ever imagine.

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