2023 NEW BEGINNINGS FREE WORKSHOP: Reaching your North Star

Want to reach your North Star?! Here is a fun fact for you: Just 90% of people don’t actually ever attain their NYE resolution, by February most won’t even remember what it is or just have given up all together. That means only 10% do! Which is insane, right?! 

You’ll learn 5 strategies high-performers use to achieve success. All science-based hacks that actually get results. The way you’ve been taught to create a goal... doesn’t work. Has it worked really for you, consistently?! Goals are supposed to support you, not to feel like a burden, but they are useless if we create a goal that doesn’t set you up for success. 

Take an hour out of your day, it’s FREE, no previous experience needed. Just bring your beautiful self and your North Star. 

No previous experience needed and it's free for everyone. Bring your questions!   


5 Things We Are Going

To Go Over

 * High-performers use goals to get them excited about what they want to achieve, but how do they do that? There is a strategy that is super important!

* Learn how to activate your instincts, so you're putting in less effort, but HIGHER QUALITY of effort

*It's not enough to really want something, how to prevent burn out and increase drive

*Getting focused, how to utilize your brain's naturally tendencies

*And how do you become UNAFRAID to lean into the risks that you need to accomplish to get to your North Star



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