Credible Experience

Curriculum Vitae


2006-2010    Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology (APA Accredited Program)

                     Pepperdine University, West Los Angeles, CA 


2004-2006    Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA 


1999-2003    Bachelors of Arts in Psychology; minor Studio Art, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA


2017             Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hour), Tracee Stanley, Los Angeles, CA


9/2018- Present    EquiPsy LLC., Private Practice

                             Los Angeles, CA & Portland, OR

Established coaching for athletes, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking to achieve peak performance levels. Work with elite equestrians, including trainers, amateur equestrians, young riders, and non-equestrians including golfers. Clients include lawyers, executives, and entrepreneurs (artists and social media influencers).

1/2017-8/2018      Grant Manager: Suicide Prevention

                             Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

Managing implementation of the Suicide Prevention grant on-campus, providing educational outreach to staff, faculty, and students. Promoted student outreach and coordinated events such as suicide prevention week, with speakers and cross campus events. Managed funds and allocation of resources. 

9/2014-8/2016        Program Manager: SuccessNavigator

                                Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

Managing implementation of SuccessNavigator, an assessment introduced by Educational Testing Services (ETS) examining non-cognitive skills such as commitment, self-management, and social support in academic success. Developing innovative strategies to engage the SMC community in incorporating the assessment into their student efforts.


9/2013-2014        Director of Community Affairs and Relations/Clinical Supervisor

                            Learning Dynamics Inc., Woodland Hills, CA

Serving as community liaison and program development to meet specific community mental health needs. Established collaborative efforts with local universities. Providing supervision of master’s level students conducting functional behavioral analyzes, assessment, individual therapy, and group social skills training of college students diagnosed with autism, learning disabilities, and mood disorders. 


8/2012-6/2014        CalMHSA Grant Manager

                                Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

Implemented and managed Threat Assessment Grant, awarded by the Foundation of California Community Colleges of California to increase campus-wide psycho-education of mental illness, de-stigmatization, with a focus on enhancing threat assessment skills (e.g. identifying suicidality, school shootings) across campus to facilitate interventions of at-risk students and improve school policies. Duties included: outreach across campus, developing and overseeing trainings, budget management, and yearly data collection.


3/2010-5/2013        Director of Training and Clinical Services

                                Learning Dynamics Inc., Woodland Hills, CA

Developed and oversaw clinical training program for master and doctoral level practicum students. Provided training and peer-supervision in psycho-educational assessments, adult and child therapy, and social skills groups for children on the Autism Spectrum. Assisted in marketing, community outreach, and program development of services.



1/2014-2018        Affiliate Adjunct Faculty

                            Antioch University, Master’s Program in Psychology, Specialization in Trauma

Teaching master’s level students courses in theories and cultural perspectives of trauma across the life span, intimate partner abuse across diverse populations and sexual orientations, child abuse, and assessment of psychopathology. Additionally, teach practicum readiness and practicum courses. Support students in thesis development and completion.


1/2014-2018         Adjunct Faculty

                             Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Teach master’s level students enrolled in a course on theories of learning, behavior, and cognition across the 3 waves of cognitive behavioral therapy, including DBT, mindfulness, ACT. Teach and developed curriculum for trauma focused course.         



3/2011-3/2013        Psychological Assistant

                               Learning Dynamics Inc.,

Conducted learning disability assessments, social skills groups for children diagnosed with Autism, and individual therapy.


8/2010-7/2011        Post-doctoral Psychology Intern

                               Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

Provided brief-psychotherapy, crisis management, and long-term care to undergraduate university students presenting with dual-diagnosis, mood disorders. Conducted weekly supervision of second year practicum students and assisted in appropriate management of case load, and participated on campus committees.

9/2009-8/2010        Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

                                University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA

Provided brief-psychotherapy and crisis management to undergraduate and graduate university students presenting with mental health concerns. Developed and co-facilitated a time-limited psycho-educational group for clients presenting with anxiety and conducted psychological assessments. Co-facilitated and developed outreaches campus wide.


9/2008-7/2009        Peer Supervisor

                                Pepperdine University Psychological and Educational Clinic, Culver City, CA

Served as a peer supervisor to first-year doctoral students, reviewing and managing case loads.


8/2008-7/2009        Doctoral Practicum Pre-Intern

                                Sepulveda VA Ambulatory Care Center, VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System, Los Angeles, CA

Partial Hospitalization Program; Outpatient Mental Health Rotation; Family Therapy Rotation

Provided individual psychotherapy sessions to veterans presenting with symptoms of PTSD, mood disorders, substance use, and anxiety disorders.


9/2007- 8/2008        Doctoral Practicum Extern

                                 LAC/USC Medical Center at Augustus F. Hawkins Mental Health, Los Angeles, CA

Administered psychological and neuropsychological assessment batteries, both in English and Spanish, with acutely psychotic adults placed on involuntary holds in the adult inpatient psychiatric unit suffering from a variety of presenting problems, including psychosis, cognitive and neurological deficits, learning disorders, dementia, mood and anxiety disorders, and substance abuse disorders.


9/2006-7/2008        Doctoral Practicum Extern 

                                Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, CA

Provided individual psychotherapy for homeless adult men enrolled in a long-term, faith based substance abuse recovery program in East Los Angeles Skid Row area, presenting with mood symptoms, psychosis, and addiction. Provided psychotherapy to court-mandated clients in both English and Spanish.


1/2005-5/2006        MFT Trainee Northeast Valley Health Corporation at San Fernando High School, 

                                San Fernando, CA


5/2005-8/2005        MFT Trainee Northeast Valley Health Corporation,

                                San Fernando, CA 



9/2010-3/2012        Educational Programs Coordinator 

                               i-Activism, Sudan and Manhattan Beach, CA

Assisted in the establishing a preschool program in refugee camps located in Darfur under the direction of the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR). 



2020    Nathan, P. Overcoming Anxiety In and Out of the Arena to Obtain Peak Performance. Presented at Savin Hill Farms, Portland, OR,                 December 2020.

2018    Nathan, P. Strategies to Control Anxiety. Presented at UCLA Equestrian Team, Los Angeles, CA January 2018.

2017    Nathan, P. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Ride. Presented at Swan Training LLC., Portland, OR, December 2017.

2014    Nathan, P. Trauma and Cultural Considerations. Presented at Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA October 2014.


2014     Giovannone, J., Mesa, C., Nathan, P. Dealing with Difficult Employees: A legal and Psychological Perspective. Presented at Seyfarth              Shaw LLP, Los Angeles, CA, September 2014.


2014    Giovannone, J., Mesa, C., Nathan, P.  Dealing with Difficult Employees: A legal and Psychological Perspective. Presented at Seyfarth             Shaw LLP, Orange County, CA, September 2014.


2013    Nathan, P. Boundaries: Where to Draw The Line. Presented at The Grandview Foundation, Pasadena, CA, July 2013.


2013    Nathan, P. Introduction to the MCMI-III: What is Your Personality. Presented at California Lutheran, Oxnard, CA, December 2013.


2012    Nathan, P. Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Self-Care & Stress-Management. Presented at The Grandview Foundation, Pasadena,                 CA, December 2012.


2011    Harrell, S., Nathan, P., & Parker, F. Increasing Social Consciousness in Traditional Doctoral Training Programs in Professional                         Psychology. Presented at the Society for Community Research and Action 13th Biennial Conference, Chicago, Illinois, June 2011.


2011    Brown, A., & Nathan, P. Stress Management for Students. Presented at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA, April, 2011.


2011    Nathan, P. The Power of the Dissertation Process: Picking a Topic and Developing Advanced Writing Skills. Presented at Antioch                   University, Santa Barbara, CA, April, 2011. 


2011    Brown, A., & Nathan, P. Development across the Life Span. Presented at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA, March, 2011.


2010    Brown, A., & Nathan, P. Stress Management for Students. Presented at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA, October, 2010.


2009    Schneider, K. J., Krug, O., Bacher, A., Fischer, D., & Nathan, P. Existential-Humanistic Therapy Comes of Age. Presented at the                     117th APA Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada, August 2009.


2008    Nathan, P. A. Cultural Diversity in the Expression and Experience of Positive Well-Being. Presented at the 2nd Bi-Annual                               Conference of the Multicultural Research and Training Lab, Los Angeles, CA, October, 2008. 


2008    Elkins, D., Ph. D., Bacher, A., Cooper, S., Fischer, D., & Nathan, P. A. A Shaking of the Foundations: Research Findings on What                   Actually Helps the Suffering Client. Presented at the Pacific Institute’s Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) 2008 Annual                               Conference, San Francisco, CA, November, 2008.